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How can you bring the construction of a private home to perfection so that it can be manufactured at constantly high quality in the industrialized production of a factory? And how does this at the same time result in an ecologically and biologically unrivaled product?
Being founded back in 1896, Baufritz has been a German timber house manufacturer for almost 120 years already. In the 1930s, the company took on the mass production of prefabricated wooden parts in Bavaria. From the late 1970s on, Baufritz’s main concern was on exclusively building sustainable and healthy homes.

Wood is the most natural building material in the world. More than 4,000 times Baufritz has now constructed healthy, energy-efficient, and completely individually designed homes, they were awarded approx. forty patents for their innovations.

For a couple of years, the Baufritz idea has turned into an enormous export success that goes around the world. International customers are thrilled by the idea to import their dream home with high living quality and precision "made in Germany". They benefit from the fixed time scale and the fixed budget when working with this Southern German manufacturer.
Read on this website how the full-value homes are produced free of pollutants in Germany and get safely packed, how they reach their destination abroad and how they are set up in less than a week on your property.

At the same time, we invite international architects and developers to be part of the next chapter of our success story. Become a member of the Baufritz network of locals who serve our foreign customers and project managers by providing complementary services from planning to horticulture, from basement building to interior decoration. We are looking for long-term partnerships with partners abroad.


"During the final handover, the construction manager asked me if I had noticed anything. Then he showed me a small crack in a windowpane and two other little things that I probably would never have noticed on my own. This thoroughness and honesty really has delighted me."

Home-builder of House Chiemgau / Germany

"Behind the silver-coloured natural wood and glass façade the guest enters the lobby that is defined by a bright natural stone wall. Warm colours add to the lounge atmosphere in the interior. An outdoor kitchen and an outdoor dining area promise convivial evenings."

Description of House Ticino / Switzerland

"The material and colour mix plays with the change of light and dark on floors, solid wood doors, and bathroom tiles. Both the façade and the terrace kept their natural larch wood; penthouse and window are coloured in anthracite; the entrance doors set a bright red accent."

Description of House Ammersee / Germany

"The modern alpine architect-designed house blends into the town. The expansive kitchen,
dining and living area, which uses a two-sided fireplace as a room divider,
is focused on communication."

Georg Schauer, architect of House Oberammergau / Germany

"The whole design process with Baufritz was so interesting, simple and straight forward,
and our experience was so great that we would like to repeat it. We are already looking
for a further property."

Jayesh Patel, home-builder of House London / UK

"Not far from Lake Constance, this family house is situated in the picturesque Rhine Valley. The massive conservatory integrates the view on the Swiss Alps into the house. There, a fireplace and a sitting area encourage cosy evenings in summer and in winter."

Description of House Rheinthal / Switzerland

"The design leaves behind established trends and follows the factual style of Bauhaus: Form follows function. Functional, aesthetic, ecological, ethical and health aspects are evenly balanced."

Hans-Georg Stotz, architect of House Black Forest / Germany; Professor for Sustainable Construction and Building Materials

"We encountered the sustainable Baufritz construction projects on TV, in the "Grand Designs" show. We wanted our children to live healthy. Determining factors were the ban on harmful substances and materials, and a convincing energy balance."

Neil Jackson, home-builder of House Thames / Great Britain