Will my house be produced in high quality? Will I live healthy in it? How efficient will it deal with energy? What will my house still be worth in twenty years? These few questions already show the various aspects of quality. Real estate and environmental experts agree that in the future the value of a house will strongly be influenced by its sustainability.

Quality in home construction starts with the materials and colours. We closely examine them biologically before we release them for use. For a Baufritz house, we only use chamber dried, sustainably grown, and tested quality timber. Healthy living is the key phrase here.
In a premium wooden house, design and concept quality make the difference. When realising each individual house we benefit from the underlying patented Baufritz system design, which is mature and yet highly flexible.

In one of Europe’s most advanced wood manufacturing facilities a computer-controlled equipment provides the precisely tailored production quality. We employ highly trained staff with many years of experience in the construction of ecological wooden houses. As a premium product, every Baufritz house is subject to strict quality controls. We examine, among other things, the composition of the indoor air and also thoroughly document the CO2 footprint. As a result, a series of certificates give proof of the amazing longevity and value, the health-promoting design and the extreme energy efficiency. After final inspection, each of our houses bears the Baufritz seal of approval as a sign of true quality work.

Baufritz customers around the world enjoy the high security and the guarantees such a successful established company can give. The eco-house pioneer is not resting on its laurels and continues to do massive research and development in order to remain one of the most innovative construction systems all over the world.