Owner, London

Jayesh Patel,
Owner of House London / Great Britain

“What interested me most at the beginning, was the fixed time scale and the fixed budget of a German manufacturer, because it quickly becomes a nightmare in the UK to build a house. We met Baufritz at the Grand Designs Live show, an exhibition in London, where they constructed a house. We were quite impressed, so we travelled to Germany to look at the factory. We immediately felt that we could trust these people, at the same time they were very knowledgeable and professional.
Then we visited some houses of their customers in the UK. Finally, we knew that this is the only way we should build a house. It simply felt right! The whole Baufritz crew is fantastic– all of them, from the sales consultants to the roof tillers, act responsibly and proactive.

We love architecture and we are very passionate about interiors, but of course we do not know the details. It was brilliant that the interior designer directed us to the right questions, details from the stairs to balustrades. Nothing was left to chance. Also, the high product quality has to be pointed out. Building a house means investing a lot of money. And this house really is beyond our expectations.

When it was set up, we invited friends and neighbours, and they could not believe what they were seeing. After three and a half days it was finished. Finally, the city planners came over and spoke highly of the design, the construction, operations and the eco-friendliness of the house. They said that all houses should be built this way.
The whole process with Baufritz was so interesting, so simple and straightforward, and our experience was so great that we would like to repeat that. We are already looking for another plot of land."