Owner, Madrid


Hans-Jürgen Sponsel, House Madrid / Spain

"On a vacation in Indonesia, I fell in love with a Spaniard; this is why I have been living as a German in the Madrid area for almost three years now. For half a year, I sought out for a quiet place, with good views and attractive surroundings. This property is located 50 kilometres north of Madrid, at the foot of the imposing Sierra de Guadarrama. From the bedroom and the living room we wanted to enjoy the mountain views. And I wanted a multi-room music system and a bus system for controlling the entire electrical system. I had to retire early for health reasons, since then I have stuck to my diet and have avoided electromagnetic fields. If you want to build a healthy home, Baufritz is the best place to go. Electro-smog coatings are integrated in every Baufritz house. I wanted to have a German company build my house because timber in Spain is not very common. But then in Germany, there were only a few companies that could cope with an international project logistic-wise. For Baufritz it was the first project in Spain; without their commitment we would not have bought the property. We liked the very first draft of Baufritz architect Oliver Rehm very much and had only minor changes.

Working with Baufritz was very pleasant. We always had the feeling that all people involved enjoyed their work. As we witnessed how one's own house was produced in the factory, we were close to tears. On the way home to Spain, we even overtook our own house on the highway. We had many workers from Germany and hired only those Spanish artisans whom we would later need for maintenance or repair. Here in Spain, it is extremely hot during the day and yet it is sufficient to open the windows once in the morning; then the temperature stays constant throughout the day as if we had an air condition, because of the good insulation. We find it important that there are no fumes from chemicals in our home. We feel very well. I would not hesitate to build again with Baufritz. The Spaniards who visit us are always amazed at the quality of the build. When some people over here hear of a prefabricated house, they think of do-it-yourself quality but not of triple glazing, maintenance-free window frames with wood interior and aluminium exterior, solid doors– everything at the finest. Even my wife's family, being in the construction business, is deeply impressed."