Owner, Chiemgau


Owner of a Baufritz House
Chiemgau / Germany

“For two years, we have searched for the perfect vista for our house. One day, we discovered the great view of a tourist snack bar with 800 square meters, which was on sale. On the one side you can marvel at the mountain, on the other side to the west you can look down on the countryside and gaze at sunset every evening. We had asked for contemporary architecture, and the extreme slope predetermined the rest. The house nestles on the slope with three staggered storeys. As the property is totally secluded, we were able to plan floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the view.

For us, it was clear that we wanted a wooden house. My father had built a massive larch block house in the early 1980s, bio-based materials, using shielded cables, etc. I wanted to have my comfort zone again, and my wife did as well. The comfort of a wooden house stands well above that of a brick house. We’d never change our floor plan; it is perfect. With Baufritz, we have found the right manufacturer; the heating and cooling system is just right, everything fits. Baufritz was the only builder able to realise a totally even transition between the living room and the terrace. Baufritz does not think in fixed patterns, they also can think the way customers do. The resulting quality is outstanding. I was just in Norway, and although there are a lot of houses built out of wood, these houses are by far not comparable at all in quality; with even the wind blowing through.

What you don’t find in the ads is the way they deal with a complaint. Or more specific: How Baufritz avoids complaints at all. During the final handover of the house the construction manager asked me if I had noticed anything. No, I replied, just that it is very beautiful. Then he pointed out a small crack in a window and two other little things that I probably would not have noticed until today. We'll fix that, it is below our quality standards, he said. This thoroughness and honesty really inspired me.