Owner, Luxembourg

Emile Kieffer, House Luxembourg / Luxembourg

“With my wife and the three children, I moved to the last village in Luxembourg, as they call this district. There still are actually two farmers left. To find a plot of land to build a house on it is quite difficult in Luxembourg. Obtaining a building permit, however, is easy if you stick to the rules. We had been looking for years already because we wanted to stay close to the city, but at the same time in the quietude. Finally, I overheard from the auction of land at a distance of 300 meters from my work. The heirs had a quarrel, so the plot was sold. I was lucky that no developer was interested in it because there was only room for a single-family detached home. In addition, we bought a piece of farmland from a neighbour why we now have a nice big garden.

We hired the Luxembourg architect Tom Beiler and had him plan an open design– cosy, but still modern. I wanted to build a sustainable wooden home, a low-energy passive house. I was in favour of a pre-fabricated house because I did not want to take care of the project myself. I know that many things can go wrong and that details matter. Pre-fabricated houses have the advantage that they are made in a semi-industrialized process where everything has been worked out by a design office and gets constantly improved. If you buy such a house, you can be sure that you receive a certain standard of quality and don’t have to worry.

We now live in a low-energy house, with plenty of light thanks to large windows. The children have their own rooms, and a shared games room; there is a TV room, and a large open kitchen where we all sit together quite often and chat. Since we have a lot of guests, we often spend evenings with their friends on the terrace. One feels at home and on holidays at the same time. In the beginning, we discussed a little about the price. I had imagined, fabricated houses would be cheaper than those built traditionally. Gradually, I became convinced of the quality. Today, I am glad that I found Baufritz. It's like buying a car. You have to decide: either a low price or high quality.