Owner, South East England


Liz Hauck, House in South East England / Great Britain

“We had spotted a bungalow in South East England with about six acres ground that was on sale. It was a stunning plot covered in wild-flower meadows and woodland and with a fabulous view overlooking the Surrey hills, where the sun sets.

Being an artist, I spent a lot of time to search for the right style for our house. I was inspired by the US-American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He had shaped the ranch house style in the early 20th century and he always wanted a house to seamlessly integrate in the landscape. Then I studied Japanese Minkas, the traditional farmhouses with large overhanging eaves. Together with our architect, I developed the idea of multiple pitches one leading into another, like a cascade of roofs. Our house should span the land rather than sit up right on it. The concept of this house is very much contemporization of the house style in this area, with red brick, flint and a slate roof. We had a long list of ideas for our architect: With us approaching seventy we wanted to have more downstairs accommodation, including a studio where I can paint and enjoy the beautiful view at the same time. Life should be focused in this house on the sociable kitchen with one generous living space around it.

I had been suffering from a series of allergies, including multiple chemical sensitivity and electro-sensitivity. When we went to see a Baufritz house in Bath my husband and I couldn’t get over the refreshing, invigorating atmosphere. Then we chose this German builder to construct our house, with an electro-smog coating, with solvents-free and thoroughly tested materials.

The people from Baufritz have worked absolutely excellent; the quality of the build is amazing. It is enormously exciting to express yourself design-wise– and end up with a home that is exactly what you want.”